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Biobritte india japan Nameko Nameko Mushrooms Nameko Pure Culture Nameko seeds Pholiota nameko spawn
Buy Pholiota nameko Mushrooms

Buy Pholiota nameko Mushrooms

Biobritte india japan Nameko Nameko Mushrooms Nameko Pure Culture Nameko seeds Pholiota nameko spawn
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  • A popular cultivated mushroom in Japan, the Nameko grows on broadleaf hardwoods such as oak, beech and poplar, and can also grow on conifer wood. 
  • Fruits well on buried logs or sawdust/chips/bran. Enjoys cool temperatures.
  • Nameko is the most cultivated mushroom by volume in Japan, for a reason. 
  • It is considered a valuable medicinal mushroom with cancer fighting properties, and the traditional recipe for Miso soup is generously filled with chopped pieces. 
  • This tasty, nutty mushroom has a slippery cap, so most recipes call for incorporating the saute back into a sauce or soup so the texture is incorporated perfectly.
  • Nameko is a cold triggered mushroom that typically fruits in the fall months when the temperature drops below 50F for the first time, and flushes twice a few weeks apart. 
  • The best method for cultivation is logs bundled together on the ground and slightly submerged length-wise, covered with leaves.
  •  When these “rafts” fruit, they explode with hundreds of Nameko, wall to wall fruiting, so be prepared to use a pair of scissors to clip these off just above the logs into a basket and straight into the kitchen!

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