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Oyster mushroom Crisps

Oyster mushroom Crisps

mushroom products
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Buy Oyster Mushroom Crisps from Biobritte Agro India. We supply mushroom spawn, mushroom kits, mushrooms, mushroom products, mushroom consultancy. our products and services available worldwide. Contact us for more information. Biobritte Store

Product Description

Oyster Mushroom Crisps

Grey Oyster-1 X 70 gram each
Pink Oyster-1 X 70 gram each
White Oyster-1X 70 gram each

For Pricing and import contact biobritte.agro@gmail.com

Oyster Mushroom is one of the tasty and delicious type of edible mushroom. Oyster Group contains more than 7 subtypes. This product is made using dry oyster mushrooms which are fried with high quality edible oil. This product is brought to you by Biobritte Agro.